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Achieving Better Results in Less Time

Getting the most from virtualization requires significant investments in expertise. You need specialists who can architect secure, reliable and efficient infrastructure. Then you need data center operations staff, VMware® experts and system administrators to monitor and maintain it all.


A Tale of Success

SANauthority’s VCP certified engineers are among the top in the industry. Having designed and supported large VMWare® based public and private cloud environments on many different hardware configurations, SANauthority’s VMWare® team possesses the know-how and experience to architect, implement, and manage all aspects of a virtualized enterprise environment.
SANauthority’s VMWare® consulting practice can be engaged for:

• VMware® Architecture Planning
• VMware® Desktop Solutions
• VMWare® Hosting configurations
• iSCSI, Fiber Channel and NFS based configurations
• VMWare® View based Planning, Architecture, and Implementation Services
• VMWare® Performance Consulting

On-Site Training Welcome
Virtualization Project
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